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Traditional pullcord from an accident and emergency department toilets

A new pullcord

After 1 month usage

After 6 months usage

Test results of traditional pullcords versus Biomaster
Clean PullCord

Tests have found 99.9% fewer harmful organisms on Biomaster treated products. Biomaster technology works 24 hours a day reducing growth of the microbes preventing them from reaching potential dangerous levels.

Why use
Clean PullCord?

Standard pull cords can support the growth of dangerous bacteria and are difficult to clean.

The Biomaster Clean PullCord has a non PVC polymer coating with built in Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology which means it can be wiped over, will never discolour through use and will be the last PullCord you will ever need to buy.

Biomaster slowly releases silver ions on demand and has been formulated to last the active lifetime of the product.

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Biomaster Clean PullCord has a wipeable coating with built in Biomaster antimicrobial additive.

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Actif Hygiene and Biomaster Clean PullCord will not be held liable for death or damages directly or indirectly involving any Biomaster Clean PullCord product.